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Many thanks Martin for the statement :)

Re: Official download from the bandits page

WinSCP downloads are (currently only partially) hosted on SourceForce since 2003:
They have never ever altered our downloads.

I know that in the past, they did wrap the original installers in their own ad-supported installer. But I believe they did that only with approval of the respective project owner (like they did with FileZilla for instance). And that was years ago. SourceForge is now run by a different company that stopped this practice.

Note that most WinSCP downloads are served from our own servers. SourceForge hosting is used in some cases only. But it does not matter. Your downloads are safe.

Official download from the bandits page

Hey there,

I was today prompted to a new download. And the link leaded to as the download location instead of your official page.

SourceForge is known to alter the installer in a bad way, and adding malware. Gimp has left SourceForge because of exact this reason. SourceForge is known to mirror open source software projects without permission, and let it look like the main repository to attract users to download the altered material. My own open source project is shown as hosted there. But I have never ever created this repository. My repo is at GitHub. And I can just warn to download anything from there. And SourceForge is known to deal in a bad manner with user data.

Must I worry about the future of WinSCP when you start to cooperate with these people? Is WinSCP even still safe? Or is the installer already corrupted? I don't want to have anything to do with these bad people.

Kind regards