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Re: Downloading - Minecraft Server files in new folders

So what is it that you are missing?
The timestamped folder? See
get /remote/path "D:\Server Backup - Minecraft\%TIMESTAMP#yyyy-mm-dd%"

Downloading - Minecraft Server files in new folders

Okay so I have tried everything. I have tried looking at useful scripts. I have tried the GUI generate script. I have even made an event on my PC to see if it would run the script daily. So from here I will explain what I am trying to accomplish.

I have a Minecraft server that is hosted on They do allow you to manually backup on their website but give no option to have a local backup. The workaround is to manually download your current server file with FTP.

What I am trying to do is have my PC automatically download my server file every day at 1am. I don't want it to overwrite my previous backups so I need it to essentially create an incremental folder or a DD-MM-YY folder and download todays backup into that folder.

The folder I'm trying to save it to on my HDD is D:\Server Backup - Minecraft

If anyone has a script that I can use or slightly edit to make this possible that would be great! If not if anyone has any work around, maybe a scheduler function I haven't learned yet or whatever please let me know! Thanks so much!