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Thank you for the quick response. Now having ruled it out, I've been struggling to find what else might be FTPing. Good news, I was rewarded by finding a webcam I'd installed ten years ago! I forgot it was active!

Thanks again for the excellent product and support.

Re: Can WinSCP run in background without user's knowledge?

WinSCP won't setup itself to run in the background.

So unless you did it yourself (like using Windows Task Scheduler)...

Can WinSCP run in background without user's knowledge?

I moved my domain to a new host and changed my user name. The new domain host has had to block my IP address because it received 694 failed FTP login attempts from my IP address using my old username.

I don't have timed transfers set up with my domain.

The only thing I can think of is that WinSCP has somehow been running in the background, trying to log in to the new host's server but using the old username.

So Is this possible, and if so, how do I manage it?