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Need help automating transfers between two FTP servers and a local directory

I have two PS Vita I use for retro gaming on the go. I want to sync the retroarch save file folders across both of these Vita's and my PCs. I can run an FTP server in the background at all times on the Vitas.

What I want to automate is for WinSCP to check all of the folders, and update the two remote directories and the local directory to the most recent files. That way any save file made on one device would be automatically synced across to the other devices. I would like this to be automated so that it occurs regularly without any further input, but I would also like to generate a batch file I can use to initiate the sync manually if desired.

So far I have figured out how to launch the console. And I've found that the synchronize remote to local and local to remote commands will do what I want. I still haven't figured out how to turn this into a batch file or automate it. It also disconnects from my FTP servers occasionally. I'd like to have it automatically reconnect and go through the credentials without me doing anything and continue retrying endlessly.

I did see that there is a "keep local directory up to date" and a "keep remote directory up to date" command. These seem to check in real time, but when I try to use these commands it gives me an exception 1 error and I can't figure out why.

Can anyone help me figure out which commands I need to use to get past the authentication automatically (the FTP servers are unprotected with no password or username but I only connect them to my home network or my own hotspot)