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Re: 127 error, add button for retry with SCP

Sorry, that's too special requirement.

What is the commandline that the front end uses to launch WinSCP?

127 error, add button for retry with SCP

After reading this page
I assume that when we can't connect with the SFTP command, we can't force the SCP connection.

However, I have this use case: I'm connecting through a FRONT-END SSH client that calls to WinSCP using the command line. And when connecting to a server that ONLY supports SCP and not SFTP, I can't connect because the error 127. The problem is that the Window only has three options: OK, RECONNECT and HELP. But it lacks the "RECONNECT WITH SCP" button. As you can imagine I can't connect directly because the connection is handled by the front-end stablishing a tunnel and I don't have access to the command line.

Please, can you add this option to this Window?
Thank you.