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Re: Accessing public S3 using Anonymous Access

Having the --no-sign-request just became a necessity for us to use WinSCP. Is there a tracking number or time line for this enhancement request?

Anonymous Access

This would be a great option to have for people needing to access public datasets hosted on AWS S3 so that they don't have to create an AWS account prior to using WinSCP to access the public datasets.

Re: Accessing public S3 using Anonymous Access

WinSCP does not have an equivalent of --no-sign-request (yet). You are the first one to ask for it :)

Accessing public S3 using Anonymous Access

I am trying to connect to a public S3 bucket using WinSCP.
AWS S3 allows me to connect using AWS CLI with a --no-sign-request option.
aws s3 ls --no-sign-request s3://public-s3-bucket

However, WinSCP wants me to use an Access key and secret to continue to make the call.
Is there ANY way to configure WinSCP with the --no-sign-request option? In order to use anonymous access in cases where it is allowed?

WinSCP error about a malformed header without access key is attached.