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Hi, Martin.
But it should go away if you re-open the editor anyway, won't it?

Yes, after reopening the file, it is again in default (left-aligned) mode. So it is not any serious issue.

Thank you for clarifying the cause.

Internal editor suddenly centers the typed text


I connected the right panel to remote server using scp. Then I have opened a remote file in internal editor and typed some three new lines. No problem until now.

When I started to type yet another new line, the text is centered, as well as all new lines. as it can be seen on a screenshot.

The file saves correctly, ie. without any surplus leading spaces in front of those visually centered lines, but it looks strange, considering the fact, that it is (hopefully) a content editor, not a WYSIWIG editor (page layout program, aka DTP program, word-processor, etc).

Maybe I just accidentally pressed some hotkey, but I don't know which, and don't know how to get rid of this centering mode.

Is there a REALLY COMPLETE list of internal-editor hotkeys?

Anyway, such feature just should not be present in content editor, imho.

Thank you for reply.