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I just got done working with the user, it was just a user error. Not an issues with the FTP process.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the reply.
Here is what the user sent me:
Status:        Starting download of /receive/Claim_Bordereaux.csv

Command:       PASV
Response:      227 Entering Passive Mode (209,95,228,199,126,188).
Command:       RETR Claim_Bordereaux.csv
Response:      550 Requested action not taken. Message not found.
Error:         Critical file transfer error

I'll be meeting with the user within the hour and I will see if I can get anymore info on the exact error. I will send the log files later if we can't get this resolved.

Re: Understanding Log values

That is logging of "Ignore permissions errors" transfer settings:
That unlikely has anything to do with your problem.
If you need our help, please explain what does "gets an error" actually mean. What error? And post complete logs from both versions of WinSCP.

Understanding Log values

I sent a file to a user, this is an automated step in SSIS. The user sees the file in the FTP site, but gets an error when they try to open it. I'm trying to figure out why this isn't working. So I started by looking at the Log file. I ran this file from our dev server, it has version 5.21.1. This was ran in an SSIS 2019 package. I have the same package, but in SSIS 2008 that ran on our Prod server without any issues, the version on prod is 5.17.7.
I'm looking at the log files between the prod and dev run to try and understand if there is a setting that is not set correctly on the dev version that is causing the file not to be able to be open by the user. I can open the file, and the user can open the file if I manually FTP the file. So I don't think it's an issue with the file itself.
I've included a screen shot of the compare of the dev(top line) and the Prod(bottom line). Can you tell me what the difference of 'No' and 'Yes' means? Or can you point me to the documentation that explains what these values are?