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Re: Can not connect to Raspberry Pi >>SOLVED<<

A friend found the problem. The "Host Name" was wrong. It seems every time I boot up the Pi it uses a different host name!

Thank you for the help.

Re: Can not connect to Raspberry Pi

I believe it's unlikely that your problems are caused by WinSCP upgrade. It's more likely that something broke on your Raspberry Pi at the same time. Anyway, if you want to double check, try downgrading to the version you were using before:
In case it really helps, please post session log files both from the working version and the latest version.

Can not connect to Raspberry Pi

I update the latest greatest version (Version 5.21.2) and now can not connect to my Raspberry Pi 3B! It was working just fine before the upgrade. I am using an Ethernet connection.

So how do I get it to connect? I have several Python scripts that I need to be transferred from my PC to the Pi.

Please help, :)