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Re: Pause command - keep window open

Queck and dirty solution is to just remove the exit command (though then you better add close command to close the connection).

Or execute WinSCP via cmd and add pause, like:
cmd /C your_winscp_command_line_here & pause

But in Task Scheduler, you will separate cmd and the rest (the way you probably currently separate WinSCP and its parameters).

Or in case you actually execute WinSCP via a batch file, add pause command to it.

Pause command - keep window open

Been using a simple script to automate a nightly download.

Would like for the WinSCP window to remain open so I can see any failures that might have occurred.

I don't see a "pause" command in the docs. What can I add to the script that will keep the window open, or add to the Win10 task scheduler command (command line switch)?