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Thx for your reply,

a) In this case I just want to move the local file to another folder but only when they file could be copied to the remote Server

b) I will take a look. Thanks.

Re: 2 Questions for console Using

a) What further actions? Actions in WinSCP script? Or other actions? Please be more specific.

b) Start here: Checking file existence

2 Questions for console Using


sorry for the bad english but this is all translated from german with deepl.

I would like to automate WinSCP in our company. I have to say that I am a total beginner and not really fit in the topic command line etc..

I have two questions.

Question a) I would like to perform further actions but only if the files from WinSCP have also been moved to the FTP folder. If there are problems, for example, because the server is not accessible, no further action should be carried out. What is the best way to do this?

And question 2) I have to upload the same file (by name) but with different content to an ftp server several times a day. But this may only happen if the file is no longer on the server. Also, the local file must not have the same content twice. In other words, a file is to be written and uploaded if the file is no longer available in the remote folder. After uploading, the file is then moved locally and a new file is created. And this is only uploaded again as soon as the file has disappeared on the remote.

Syncing is out of the question because the file is always expanded locally and when it is moved or deleted, it is also deleted on the remote side.

I hope you can follow me on this.

Thank you very much for your help.