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Synchronize: Show "Direction" with "local", "remote" or "both" in comparing process.

Hello, When synchronizing, you set the direction with "both", "remote" or "local". I miss this information in the window where the files are compared, as well as afterwards when copying. I don't use preview dialog, because its 100.000 and more files.

It always makes me nervous and ask myself: Have I set the direction correctly? Even if you know yourself that you have set it correctly. Especially if you start several such processes at the same time. I'm sure you know the feeling. I would therefore very much appreciate it if the direction that one has set in the dialog is also displayed here. (not for the currently single file, I mean for the whole process)

See Attachment. Instead of a new line for "direction" I would also find it sufficient in the title/caption of window for comparing and synchronizing. Examples

  • x% Comparing to local
  • x% Comparing [local]
  • x% Comparing [local -> remote]
  • x% Synchronizing [local <- remote] (in Synchronizing window the part "- ..." can be removed)
  • x% Synchronizing to local

Thanks for your great work here!