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Re: Connection failed

You didn't really answer my question.

Re: Connection failed

It was working 3 days ago and it was working fine, but now it won't let me connect to their machine at all.

Re: Connection failed

It's not account/password problem. You cannot even connect.
Can you connect to that IP address using any other FTP client from the same local machine?

Connection failed

I have all the right correct information for me to sign in but it still says
Timeout detected. (control connection)
Connection failed.

I have tried:
– Reinstalling the program.
– Installing an old version
Making new accounts but none of those works and I have contacted the person im trying to connect to and she says it works fine for her and then the dev told me it works fine for him so I don't know why it's not working for me when it was working 2 days ago.