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Possible conversion, but in other direction

The only area of WinSCP that I can find where slashes may be replaced/converted is in a mask definition, and it's actually a transformation in the opposite direction.

Normally if you type a path into e.g. the Edit Filter interface's Exclude (or Include) directories list, WinSCP will automatically end it with a slash to indicate directory filtering. But if you enter a path that contains a backslash, WinSCP will switch to using backslashes as the directory separator, and will end the path with a backslash instead.

That could be an issue if you were trying to backslash-escape some character, thinking that the filter configurations were regular expressions when they're not. Backslashes don't escape characters in WinSCP masks, so if you use them there you're adding a directory separator that may not be intended.

(For example, someone wanting to exclude a directory with the terrible name "My*Files" might try to use My\*Files as the filter pattern, thinking they can escape the *. That will actually filter My/*Files/ (or My\*Files\, since slashes are interchangeable in WinSCP). The correct pattern, as the documentation notes, is My[*]Files. Similarly, there's no reason to escape . characters in WinSCP patterns, since they have no special meaning. So, a pattern like File*\.txt would again insert an accidental directory separator, and should just be File*.txt.)

That's a wild guess, since it's the only instance of slash replacement I can think of offhand. I agree that screenshots or a better set of steps to reproduce would be very helpful.

Re: Forward slash is getting converted to backslash in folder name

Where exactly do you type the path name? Please post some screenshots documenting the problem.

Forward slash is getting converted to backslash in folder name

While typing pathname in WinSCP – the forward slash are getting converted to backslash automatically and showing error "directory doesn't exist".