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Re: Respond to Interactive prompt

You are missing quotes around the command: /command "open ftps://Username:password@domain/ -implicit -certificate=Fingerprint"

Note that I've also removed the quotes around the Fingerprint as they should not be needed (as the fingerprint does not contain any spaces). If you need quotes for whatever reason, you need to double them.

WinSCP GUI can generate a commandline/batch file template for you:

Respond to Interactive prompt

I am using to push files to another server using Implicit FTP over TLS (FTPS). But I get the following message that I would like to respond to without user intervention or use a switch provided by WinSCP to provide a "Y" response.

If you trust this certificate press Y - yes.

I have tried the following syntax without any luck. Am I missing something in the syntax? /command open ftps://Username:password@domain/ -implicit -certificate="Fingerprint"