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I Agree but....

I agree, but it would be nice and helpful if you could undo a copy or a move.
Deleting on unix is also permanent.
Also if you copy over an existing file that is also permanent.

Just the other day a co worker moved an entire folder and by accident it went to his desktop. It took him over a hour to find that. But it there was such a thing as an undo. The program would know what files it had moved in the last transaction and then undo it.

Just saying it would be a very nice feature. He did turn on the "Are your sure!" feature and that is very nice also.

I really do enjoy using your program and I have donated before and may again :).

Thank You,
Robert Campbell

Re: an undo feature sure would be nice

Yes, move can be undone. But more common operations (like file overwrite) cannot.

an undo feature sure would be nice

For example if you drag and drop a bunch of files and opps, they went into the wrong directory. Now I will have a big mess because they will be jumbled up with the other files in that directory.

Having an undo to move only the last transaction of files sure would be nice in this case. It has happened to me a couple of times.


Re: Undo / Redo for simple actions

There's indeed no Undo. No one asked for that yet. We will see if there's demand for this.

Undo / Redo for simple actions

Hello! I can't find undo/redo feature for simple actions like rename, move, copy. Can't find it nor on toolbar, nor perform by Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y.