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Re: Remote SFTP Server - Empty Home Directory Error

The behavior of the server is unusual. Whether it's an error or not is questionable. We/WinSCP chooses to notify the user about the unusual behavior. FileZilla chooses to ignore the behavior. That's all I can say about it.

Re: Remote SFTP Server - Empty Home Directory Error

Another SFTP client does not display an error message dialog.

Why display an Error message dialog if the remote folder is empty.

After your error message dialog is closed, the folder does display with the "..".

Attached are screen captures and the log.

Thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate it.

Re: Remote SFTP Server - Empty Home Directory Error

Sorry, I do not know what is your question/problem. Are you asking why WinSCP displays the error? WinSCP does that when the listing is really completely empty, what usually indicates some deeper problem. Because normally, there are at least the .. and . entries. Post a log file, if you need more information.

Remote SFTP Server – Empty Home Directory Error

I have not had this happen before. Could this be on purpose?! I don't know.

When I typically connect to this remote server, WinSCP loads the list of one or two files. This month the remote folder is empty. There are no other folders on that server to browse, just /home/5222578.

Other Test For Comparison:

FileZilla does not display any error, just the empty folder.


Edition: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 21H2
OS Build: 19044.2130


I am using the WinSCP GUI.

Version 5.21.5 (Build 12858 2022-10-06)

Here's the error message:
Error listing directory '/home/5222578'.
Server returned empty listing for directory '/home/5222578'.
OK Help

Remote Server:

Maintained by a third-party vendor.

Protocol: SFTP
Port: 22
Host name: {redacted}
User name: 5222578

If a log is needed, I have one ready where the sensitive data is 'masked'. Let me know.

Thanks for your time and effort on my behalf.

~NotSteve :-)