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Re: Processnode.xml

This looks like "Cisco PCD" question, rather then WinSCP question.
WinSCP shows you the files the server provides. If the server does not provide the files you expect, it's not WinSCP issue. WinSCP does not make up any filenames.
Please talk to your server administrator.


I use WinSCP to backup my voice services. I told Unity to save 8 backups to the back up node which is Cisco PCD. When I open WinSCP and login to PCD I do not see all of my backups. I do see some with the file name 2022-11-12-04-00-10_XXXX-CUC-001_processnode.xml. Why does this happen and how can I see all the backups in WinSCP? It looks to me that it is archiving the backups. I need those backups. How can I download them?