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Re: Go to target of a link

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have added this request to the tracker:
Issue 2158 – Navigate to link target

Regarding the votes: Not automatically (we do not get access to email addresses of the buyer from Microsoft). But now you have the badge.

Go to target of a link

Since it is my first post, thank you for your great software! I like it a lot, but still there are some things to improve.
By the way: I bought it from Microsoft Store and would like to know, if I will automatically get the benefits of more voting power and the "Donor" badge? I registered for the forum with the same mail address as my Microsoft account.

But now my first feature request:
I would like an option (context menu or in a toolbar) like "go to target" when I select a link to a file. Now I can see the target (edit or in the column) and copy&paste it, but it could be faster to just follow the link to the directory an select the file automatically.