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Re: WinSCP Keeps Updating Daily

@Miamiflorida1983: Have you read my response above?

WinSCP Keeps Updating Daily


Our Dev teams uses WinSCP to run Daily jobs on our server running server 2016. The version is required to be at 5.15.1 but every morning it keeps updating to 5.21. Any suggestions on what might initiating this daily update?

WinSCP 5.5.4 keeps updating on it's own (even when selected not too.)


With regards to WinSCP Updating itself, we think we may of narrowed that down to our Central IT Dept sending it out to our Campus Machines via Microsoft SCCM. We're still verifying and checking into the final results on that.

With regards to the article on the Assemblies, thanks for the info! We had passed that on to our vendor for EBS client.



Re: WinSCP 5.5.4 keeps updating on it's own (even when selected not too.)

That's unlikely. WinSCP actually can update itself, only when its GUI is started, and only, if donor email address is registered in its configuration.

So I would actually expect, that WinSCP is upgraded by some update system of your company, not on its own.

And no matter how WinSCP is updated, your application that uses WinSCP .NET assembly should always have its own copy of winscp.exe. It should not rely on the installed version of WinSCP!

WinSCP 5.5.4 keeps updating on its own (even when selected not too.)


We use a product from Schneider Electric / Instep Software called "EBS client" for the Utility and Electrical Power Billing System on All of Ann Arbor Michigan Campus for the University of Michigan area, which that EBS Program has the WinSCP 5.5.4 DLLs in there. According to the Instep Support folks, they are Not able to use the Current / or Newer 5.9.2 version yet for WinSCP, and for now to just use the older / other version 5.5.4 instead.

However, the WinSCP 5.5.4 keeps Updating to the 5.9.2 version (which breaks part of the EBS Program) and (even when we "selected" it Not to Update), but it appears to keep updating itself. We had tried under the WinSCP GUI from the Under the WinSCP program and "click" on [Options] -> [Preferences] -> [Updates] and the "Automatic check period" set to [Never] option. Also, the Check for beta versions set to [Never] as well.

We have even tried under the Registry too, which for that set to the following [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2\Configuration\Interface\Updates]

Along with the Registry, set to the following [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2]

As well as, the [C:\Users\uniqname\AppData\Roaming\winscp.ini] and under the "Updates" area set to [0] as well.

However, none of the steps and/or attempts prevent the WinSCP from Updating and was wondering, "How do we Stop that from Updating"...well at least till when the vendor of EBS client can get their Program to be compatible with the latest version of WinSCP by chance?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jody Sherwin

Jody Sherwin
University of Michigan
Facilities and Operations Information Services
Infrastructure Systems Lead
Phone: 734-615-5644