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Re: Element session@0 already read to the end Source

Set Session.SessionLogPath and Session.DebugLogPath and post both logs (using the latest version of WinSCP).

This is the code for creating session.

private SessionOptions GetSessionOptions(string password)
  // Setup session options
  var sessionOptions = new SessionOptions
    Protocol = (this._ftpType == FtpType.ActiveFTP || this._ftpType == FtpType.PassiveFTP)
      ? Protocol.Ftp
      : Protocol.Sftp,
    HostName = this._host,
    UserName = this._userName,
    Password = password,
    PortNumber = this._port,
    FtpMode = this._ftpType == FtpType.ActiveFTP ? FtpMode.Active : FtpMode.Passive,
    SshHostKeyPolicy = this._ftpType == FtpType.SFTP ? SshHostKeyPolicy.AcceptNew : SshHostKeyPolicy.Check
  if (sessionOptions.Protocol == Protocol.Sftp && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(this._privateKeyFile))
    sessionOptions.SshPrivateKeyPath = this._privateKeyFile;
  return sessionOptions;

Element session@0 already read to the end Source

I am trying to upload files using the WinSCP C# library on FTP. I am getting the following error randomly:
Element session@0 already read to the end Source

Sometimes my code works fine sometimes I do get this error. Currently, I am using the 5.19.6 version the of WinSCP library.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.