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Folder size

@martin: It shows it in the properties pop up box; but it doesn't show it in the pane, you should be able to have a setting which allows the folder to display the size of the contents within so you can glance at them easily.

@martin: Thanks! using this option after many years

Great! I'm looking forward to it.


Done. Please wait for the next release.
If you open Properties dialog for selection, which includes at least one directory, there will be button "Calculate" next to size indicator. Pressing the button will invoke operation, which calculates total size of all files within directory(ies).

Did no-one understand what I meant, or am I the only one that likes to know the dir size? :(


Properties of remote folder to display size including all files

Thank you for releasing a very useful and user-friendly tool for SCP and SFTP. Currently it is the standard tool to access our Linux server from Windows, and I don't think that'll change very soon :D
Anyway, I was hoping that the properties of a remote folder could also show the total size of all the files that are in it, instead of just the size that the folder takes on disk. (I hope that I didn't overlook this option)