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Thanks for your answer, I didn't know about the ability to have two local panels in the new beta version. Drag and drop is not very convenient within one panel unless either you move/copy to a folder in the same path or WinSCP had the ability to open folders while dragging and hovering a certain time over them, but two local panels will be enough for me.

Re: Support for duplicating and moving local files

You can use drag&drop to duplicate/move local files.
If you want to use a keyboard, you can do it easily by copying/moving between the two local panels in local file manager mode of WinSCP 6.0 (beta currently):
Managing Local Files

Support for duplicating and moving local files

WinSCP has support for duplicating and moving remote files, but these commands are disabled (grayed out) for local files and folders and having them would be useful in some cases.