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Bug in WinSCP using "time" as synchronize (Nothing to synchronize)


I think I discovered a bug in WinSCP (lastest version). Don't know why doesn't detect different time in one file (I think that ocurrs in more files).

Lets see the example: /command "open sftp://ftp_resources:XXXXXX@2.248.193.XXX" "option batch continue" "synchronize remote -delete -criteria=time E:\Software\Updates\Resources\Images /Images/" "bye" >>test2.txt

When we see what's inside the SFTP and the local, we see this:
-rw-rw-rw- 0 root 122173 Feb 23 17:50:02 2021 952.jpg

-rw-rw-rw- 0 root 122173 Feb 23 17:50:02 2021 952.png

local path E:\Software\Updates\Resources\Images:
E:\Software\Updates\Resources\Images>dir *952*

Volume in drive E has no label.
Volume Serial Number is D4CA-9482

Directory of E:\Software\Updates\Resources\Images

02/17/2010 05:10 PM 13,384 952.jpg
02/17/2010 05:10 PM 13,384 952.png
2 File(s) 26,768 bytes
0 Dir(s) 353,492,889,600 bytes free

As you see the time is different and it is no synced al all.

test2.txt output:
Searching for host...

Connecting to host...
Using username "ftp_resources".
Further authentication required
Authenticating with pre-entered password.
Starting the session...
Session started.
Active session: [1] ftp_resources@
batch continue
Local 'E:\Software\Updates\Resources\Images' => Remote '/Images'
Nothing to synchronize.

If I use size instead of time, it works, so I think it is a problem with "time", they think that have the same date.

Any idea? Prolly it's a bug in WinSCP code. I have no idea what more to test.

Thank you!