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Re: Speed comparison between Filezilla and winscp

@Willi: Please start a new thread and post session log files both from WinSCP and FileZilla (both latest versions, both running on the same machine).

Speed comparison between Filezilla and winscp

Hi, I am new here, but I used WinSCP for many years. Since some months, I noted that the download of long files is very slow during the first half of the transfer. Typically, the transfer starts with somewhat more than 1 MBytes/s, but slows down to about 0.3 MBytes/s hereafter. When about 50% of the file is transferred, the speed may accelerate instantly to much more than 10 MBytes/s, so, the second half of the transfer is much much faster.

Today, I tested FileZilla and was really astonished to note a continuous and stable transfer speed of about 70 MBytes/s. Two .mp4 files, 33 GBytes in total, were downloaded in less than 8 minutes!. I tested a much shorter .mp4 with WinSCP hereafter but stopped when I noted again the slow transfer rate mentioned above.

Is there any reason for this boring behaviour of WinSCP?

I use SFTP.

I'm not sure I understand, I have trouble with English, I'm a French speaker, but in the descriptions I read

That with several connections it does not slow down the transfer. I have checked "Use multiple connections for a single transfer".
But when I copy a folder to my PC, it says in progress "Display content..." it's long no way to make it instant without calculation or other?

Thank you, indeed using this is very fast, however, is there a way not to do the calculation of the size before which takes a lot of time?


Sorry for the delay in answering but I was on FileZilla !

However, nothing to do your software is better on all the other points that the file transfer!

For example :
With FileZilla I transfer a Prestashop site it takes me +-5 Min

With WinSCP I transfer the same site, on the same server, it takes +- 30 min...

I don't touch anything in the settings :( I don't understand why it's so slow with winscp! one file transfers fast... but as soon as there are many small files it's slow.

I guess it's because FileZilla connects several times while winscp does not?

Translated with (free version)

Re: FTP transfer as fast as FileZilla?

What does it mean "it loads in loop"? Can you post a session log file (and maybe some screenshot[s]) documenting the problem?

FTP transfer as fast as FileZilla?

Hello, with my WinSCP I have a configuration problem, I would like it to be as fast as FileZilla for batch file transfer.

I often have hundreds of thousands of files of some MO to download, but it is just impossible with WinSCP.

In default, it takes about 30 min for 100 mb, if I activate the background, it loads in loop without downloading the files (I didn't let it run for long, but I would like it to be instantaneous, you ask for the copy, it copies directly, without having to calculate anything.

Is this possible?