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Hi, I wasn't sure if it was supported (I saw a bug report that was fixed making this possible: Issue 1164 – Support file mask for remote move operation).
We could search on extension. Would you know if it is possible to use the multiple extensions like: *.pdf;*.txt?

Thanks alot!

Re: Filemask on mv command

The mv command does not support -filemask.
Is there a way you can distinguish files from folders by inclusion mask? For example do your file have specific extension[s]?
Otherwise you would have to use a more powerful script, like PowerShell with use of WinSCP .NET assembly.
Or place your archive folder elsewhere (out of the seconddir).

Filemask on mv command


I'm trying to move online files from one dir to the archive in that dir. But I cant move them because of the mask. Also when I'm trying without the mask. It's giving me back that he can't put the archive dir into the archive dir. Which of course is understandable.
I've checked if I'm in the newest update.

I'm having issues with the mv command:
mv -filemask=|*/ /maindir/seconddir/*.* /maindir/seconddir/archive/

In my output I'm getting the message:
unknown switch 'filemask'.

Please help!