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The drive policy is about Windows File Explorer. Not WinSCP. WinSCP just follows that policy by default. I assume you do not see the drives in the File Explorer either. And you circumvent that by pasting the paths into the Explorer.

I'm saying that if my company has deliberately hidden local drives in WinSCP I should try and use it without local folder view instead of trying to circumvent policy

So I understood that you managed to set the HonourDrivePolicy, so you were able to see the C drive in the local panel of WinSCP. So why do you have to "survive" dragging from Windows File Explorer?

Thanks, I looked at the raw config settings but was a bit confused where to set them..

When I run
winscp.exe /rawconfig Interface\HonourDrivePolicy=0

I can see all local folders etc, so I guess corpo policy is blocking any C drive folder from being opened. Fair enough, also worked out I can drag and drop Mac style, dragging files from Windows File Explorer into WinSCP remote window which transfers them which I can survive with.

Re: Can't see/open local folders on windows

Please start here:
Why I cannot see some local folders?

If it does not help. please post screenshot (rather than photo) of Windows File Explorer and WinSCP side by side.

Can't see/open local folders on windows

Hi guys

On my work machine(s) I can't open any local folders in the local explorer view, can't open C drive, desktop, my docs etc.

Perhaps this is a block via policy but other apps with local file access can see objects on C drive..

Happens on Windows 10 and 11 two different machines. WinSCP 5.21