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Re: idea

@MartinVorel: WinSCP still starts with Login dialog by default. So new users should not have problems opening a [remote] session. As for existing users that have turned off the automatic Login dialog popup: the "New Tab" button is on the exactly same place as the previous "New Session" button. So for them, it should not be complication either. Or do you think otherwise? Why?
Martin Vorel


Thanks for continually pushing this great product. I understand the reasons for switching to the default local<>local system panel. But it would be good to consider if the "new tab" button could be highlighted in color. Or even add this icon to the right panel "new tab" icon as well.
This way it is user confusing and adopting the new version of local<>local might not be smothly

Release 6.0.1 How do make right panel remote?

I've been using WinSCP for about 10 years. Left panel local and right panel remote.
Installed 6.0.1 and now right panel is local.
Can't find a way to change the mode for right panel.