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I know. That's what I responded to above.

Samba (SMB) is "Network drive" to Windows. So it can be browsed in the "local" panel. You do not need to open any session to access SMB.

What I mean is, you can create a new Session to a remote SFTP or SCP server but not to a remote NAS server. I am able to run a script to transfer data to a Session named my_new_server:
winscp ec2-user@my_new_server /script=D:\datatransfer.winscp /log=D:\winscp.log /loglevel=-1

But this session has to be SFTP/SCP/S3. The session cannot be NAS.

This feature is needed in WinSCP.

Re: Network share access from WinSCP

You can access network share using any tool/filemanager you want, including plain Windows File Explorer. If you want to use WinSCP, just because you like its GUI :), then you can use local filemanager mode of WinSCP 6.0 and navigate one of the file panels to the SMB path (\\server\path).

Network share access from WinSCP

WinSCP lets use create a server with SFTP, S3, SCP protocols. But I do not see the simple SMB or NFS protocol in the list. Is this in the pipeline of features to be introduced?