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@whoami: Thanks for your feedback!

This bothered me a lot every day when Maven deleted output target directory and WinSCP jumped to the root because of that. My work is less painful, thank you my man!

Thanks for your feedback.

That is awesome, thanks mate!

Thanks for the details. I'll look into it.

I'm deleting the folder from *outside* winscp, and winscp goes to some other directory.

I'm in C:\www\sites\client1
renaming it to C:\www\sites\client1.bak in TotalCommander

At this point the program (just tested) changed to C:\www\sites\client2 for the local folder

Which is rather detrimental due to our project file structure. I'm essentially uploading/downloading files for the wrong project|client.

I'd really-really prefer if the program would *not* change any directory until it's active (in the foreground). The folder is sometimes removed (like above) then re-created; there's no need to change anything when it's only temporarily gone.

Actually....I've now managed to create an even funnier situation.

I've copied the folder to client1.bak
So I had two folders:

Then opened WinSCP (defaults to folder client)
Changed to TC, deleted the client folder.
Then renamed the client.bak folder to client
When I went back into the WinSCP window, now the local folder was client.bak - which wasn't even existing at that point.

Then changing out and back in again, it has gone and changed to client2 again.

If I delete the local folder opened in local panel of WinSCP, WinSCP "steps back up one directory". If you have a different experience, please give us much details as possible.

The behaviour I am talking about is the local directory file changes. Sorry if this was unclear.

Edit: I'm the op, just found my account :)

Re: Program freaks out in the background when files change

Is this about "Keep remote directory up to date"?

Program freaks out in the background when files change

is there any way to turn of the behaviour when the program watches the filesystem while in the background|minimised, and changes the directory to some root location if or when directories change underneath?

I'd be even OK with the program just stepping back up one directory.

However, optimally it'd not watch file changes while it's in the background|minimised, so I can change files without it affecting the (inactive) WinSCP session.