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Re: Another way to provide WinSCP Host Key information?

Sorry, there's no other way, yet. Maybe in the next version.

Another way to provide WinSCP Host Key information?


I have the following problem:

I am running a web application, which uses WinSCP to transfer files.
I didn't get a set of pre-defined hosts.

The script runs fine (calling WinSCP in batch mode), except the first authentication, where the user has to verify the
host SSH key.

I searched for another option to provide WinSCP the Host Key information. Therefore the user has to enter the key file in a Web Form, and the script stores it in the INI file of WinSCP.

Unfortunately this doesn't work, because WinSCP codes the Host Key Information in another format. I tried several ways to convert the entered information, but I didn't it figure out.

Maybe I can pass the information to WinSCP in another way or is there a tool to convert the information into the correct format?