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Re: "File has been changed ... save ?"

Can you post an exact message? There's no such message in WinSCP. There are two similar messages. But they are shown is very different situations. So I want to clarify which of them do you mean:
The remote file has been changed while you were editing it. Do you want to overwrite it anyway?

File was modified. Save changes?

Or none of these?

"File has been changed ... save ?"

I want to close WinSCP and get a message
File has been changed ... save ?

But the filename is not mentioned.
Before coming to this point I closed several tabs. Some of the connections were long open and already disconnected by the peer. Before closing the respective tab I reopened the connection for a short check (which connection and directory, anything left to do there ?). Then I closed the tab. Seems as if this automatically closed respective internal editor instances but with no hint that one of these files was not saved.

After searching my open windows a found an instance of the internal editor with a changed file.
Nevertheless I think there is a warning missing when you close tabs where editors are still open. And it would be helpful to get the name (and path...) of the file or a hint in which connection this file was opened and not saved.

- thanks -