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Re: WinSCP convert files automaticly from UNIX 2 DOS

Note that WinSCP defaults to the Binary mode for many years (almost decades).
So usually one does not need to configure anything.
Anyway, mode can be changed here: >
In case you have (mis)configured WinSCP to override the mode for uploads from text editors, change it here: >

Re: WinSCP convert files automaticly from UNIX 2 DOS

@Guest: Thanks, this did the trick.
You can find it here:
Options > Preferences > Editors > Edit external editor > uncheck Force Text Transfer mode for files edited in external editor
Other way to do it: Preferences > Transfer > Edit Preset Description Text > Transfer Mode > Binary

Re: WinSCP convert files automaticly from UNIX 2 DOS

The solution to this is to change the mode to Binary in the WinSCP preferences. Go to Options >
and then change the Transfer mode to Binary. If you do that, the newlines won't be changed.

This thread may be old, but it is the #1 search result in Bing for "winscp newline unix to windows conversion" so hopefully this solution reaches additional people who need it.

WinSCP convert files automaticaly from UNIX 2 DOS

Sorry for my very bad English, I'm a German ;)

I like WinSCP, but WinSCP convert my files automatically from UNIX Format
(source Windows XP) into DOS Format (on destination "dbox" Linux).
Scripts in DOS format don't run on Linux :(
I looked for 3hours now to grant for a solution and found unfortunately nothing, only SmartFTP helped :(

WinSCP V4.10 Build 375
Server Environment is set to UNIX (LF/AUTO)
I used the FTP protocol.

I surveyed something or am there an error in it?

best regards,