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Re: Can't login using Windows Pin?

This is not really WinSCP question, but rather Windows SSH question.
Afaik, even if you use a PIN to login to Windows, your Windows/Microsoft account still has a password. You need to use the password with SSH, not the PIN.

Can't login using Windows Pin?

Thanks in advance for your help.
I've got: WinSCP Ver֫6.1.2 Build 13797 2023-09-19, #1 Windows 11 Home 22H2 Build 22621.2506 and
#2 Windows 10 Pro 19045 Build 19045

I’ve used WinSCP from my #1 Win 11 to a Linux Mint machine and it worked great and was easy. But I switched things up and went back to the dark side (#2 Win10) and can’t login to it from the Win11 machine using WinSCP. I've got OpenSSH server running on the Win10. The problem I believe is that I am using a Windows Pin to login instead of a password? When I try and login the last line reads "Authenticating with pre-entered password. Access denied." I'm use the Pin as I don't have a password. I haven’t found much on the web about WinSCP and Windows Pin. Is there an easy way to keep using my Pin login and also use WinSCP?