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The package project files are in the repository: DScpComp.cbproj and RScpComp.cbproj

I have successfully created the packages of Delphi components. But I fail to create for the C++ components: ThemePageControl and UnixDirView and UnixDriveView. They have many dependences... Could you upload your package file (.cbproj) for these two components to install into IDE? Because I want to change somethings for the main UI.

Thanks, Best regards

Re: Error of Form Progress, not found TBXDock.cpp

The TTBXDock is implemented in packages\tbx\TBX.pas

Error of Form Progress, not found TBXDock.cpp

I have build all necessary libraries, including tb2k and tbxp, finally I can generate winscp.exe of WinSCP-6.1.2
But when I open the progress.cpp form in the ScpForms.lib, it shows the error:

I only find TB2Dock.hpp, but there is no TBXDock.cpp
What should I do can resolve this problem?
Another thing, could you tell me a little what you have modified for tb2k and tbxp?
So maybe I can modify it myself to resolve. In fact, I am a Delphier...