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Re: Searching for host... Connection timed out

There's probably not much we can help you with here. Start by contacting your webhosting provider support. You might have been banned here.

Searching for host... Connection timed out

I have been using an old version of WinSCP successfully for several years to upload a webcam picture to a website. The uploads run on a remote Windows 10 computer, and it stopped uploading a few days ago. I've installed WinSCP v6.1.2, but trying to connect from the webcam computer fails with a "Connection timed out" message.

I CAN connect to the site using my local Windows 10 computer using v6.1.2 with no trouble. I have also tried FileZilla on both computers, and get the same results – my local unit connects, the remote unit times out. It appears as if the site I am connecting to is rejecting the connection from my remote computer.

Any ideas where to start looking for the problem?