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Re: SFTP transfer of a file from 2 clients to 1 remote machine

This is about the SFTP server, not WinSCP.
In general, I'd not recommend doing this.

SFTP transfer of a file from 2 clients to 1 remote machine

I work with a dual redundant system. This is essentially x2 PCs. The SCADA software running on both machines is the syncronized together. Occasionally, a file is created on both PCs at the same time. This file needs to be transferred to another remote machine. In fulling this need, we have installed WinSCP on both PCs, hence these are SFTP clients. We are using a WinSCP script and use the KeepUpToDate function so that any new file created at the clients is transferred to the server. Currently we have 2 target directories on the server, 1 for client PC1 and the other for client PC2. However, we have been told there should only be 1 file location at the server.

My question is, if I have 2 WinSCP clients both transferring the same file at (roughly) the same time to the same location on a server, what will happen? Will one file overwrite the other? Is there any chance of file corruption etc?