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Problem with Session.PutFilesToDirectory Method

I'm new to this forum, and first to say, I'm not a .NET developer.
I use the assembly as addin in our ERP system development (Dynamics NAV).

My code looks about this, I hope you can read it. NAV has different notation than .net languages
WinSCPTransferResults := WinSCPSession.PutFileToDirectory(LocalFileFullPath, RemoteDirectory, DeleteLocalFileAfterTransfer, WinSCPTransferOptions);

Success := WinSCPTransferResults.IsSuccess;

WinSCPTransferResults is WinSCP.TransferOperationResult.
Success is a boolean.

This code results in an error like this (translated from german):

Error on call of WinSCP.TransferEventArgs.get_IsSuccess with the following message:
The type of at least one argument not matching the parameter type of the method.

the error occurs on the second line, where I try to get the success info.

If I use the method WinSCPSession.PutFiles instead, it works.

Has anybody an idea what I'm doing wrong here?