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Re: Cancelled directory movements on remote server and some are gone, help?

I'm afraid your files might have been lost.
This issue should be fixed in the latest beta version of WinSCP.
Please test it.

Cancelled directory movements on remote server and some are gone, help?

Would really appreciate help as I'm losing my mind over this.
I connected to my Unraid server over SFTP, navigated to /mnt/main/files/user/, highlighted a bunch of folders, then simply dragged my selection to the .. at the top with the intention of moving them.

It was taking forever and said there had been no progress yet (0% moved, no indication files had been moved) so I thought I was fine. There was a notification about deleting a temporary folder that I stupidly clicked yes on.

All of a sudden when I looked through ~/user/ and ~/files/user/ I noticed a couple files and a directory missing.

I checked my recycling bin, temp folder, and everywhere I could think of. Even used the Everything app to check files modified around the time I made the transfer. They simply appear to be gone. I can't find much documentation on what WinSCP actually does when you do that drag and drop operation.

The files were in a ZFS pool but I didn't have snapshots enabled :(