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Re: Old bug fixed? Failed (incomplete) file-move deleted local

I'm not aware of the problem, thought the 3.5.6 is quite old. Do you use the drag&drop shell extension?

Old bug fixed? Failed (incomplete) file-move deleted local

I was using winscp v3.56 up until recently as I hadn't realised quite how far it had come (didn't have the "check for updates" feature back then?).

I was trying to move a large (4Gb) file from a local machine to a remote unix server (a not-particularly-recent Debian server install) via scp. The file got about 32Mb transferred, and then broke for some reason - I didn't see any error message that I remember though. Whereupon it seemed to think it had gone ok, and deleted the local copy. Aarrgh! Rather important data. Thus leads to me looking for file undelete utilities, cos it looked like it had been properly deleted not moved to the recycle bin after the file move operation.

Was/is this a known problem, and if so has it been fixed in the current stable release version 3.8.2? I would rather like to know, before attempting any more file moves (I'll manually delete the local copy I think now, rather than holding shift down when dragging it over as I did before).