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Ok, thanks. And what protocol? And is it direct duplication (if the server allows that)? Or via a temporary local copy?

Hello Martin,

thank you for you fast reply. I drag from "right remote dir" to "left remote tree" (both on same server).

I copy marked green folders with Strg/Cmd into blue one / after dropping then the red folders are emptied and contain only my override files from green – what is not the usual behaviour.

Check the attached image please.

Re: 6.3 to 6.2 / Files and folders are removed from target dir when I drag&drop new files

Indeed, there have been some related changes.
But to give you a definitive answer, I need to know what exactly do you drag and where exactly do you drop it?
Do you drag the three selected A, B and C folders and do you drop them to empty space in remote panel with opened root folder?

6.3 to 6.2 / Files and folders are removed from target dir when I drag&drop new files

Hey there,

very strange – I needed to downgrade from from latest 6.3 to all versions of 6.2 and in solved my problem only in 6.1.2 / I tried on several different servers – all the same. Let me explain it in short.

I have existing folders with sub-folders like this:
- root

- - A
- - - A-SUB-1
- - - A-SUB-2
- - - A-SUB-3
- - B
- - C

When I copy now from a other directory same structure over to that above then A empties itself after drag&drop the other folders with same names instead of just override the existing files.
- A

- - test.php
- B
- C

After drag&drop
- - - A-SUB-1

- - - A-SUB-2
- - - A-SUB-3

are gone! and I have only the test.php file inside. I used that many years to push my overrides back again after core-update of e.g. a CMS.

I tested the newer versions so it seemes to be a bug.

Can you check that?

Best Regards,