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Configuring "Advanced Site Settings" via command line

When I use the WinSCP GUI, I am able to log in with root permissions by going to the "Advanced Site Settings > SFTP" and putting doas /usr/libexec/sftp-server in the box next to "SFTP server:". I've attached an image of this configuration. I am attempting to replicate this setting in the Windows command line, but have found no resources to help with this.

In command line I navigate to where WinSCP is housed (C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP) and run this command format: /command "open sftp://USER:PASSWORD@IPADDRESS" "command 1" "command 2" "exit"

When logging in via GUI with the Advanced Site Settings configured, I'm able to do everything with root permissions. When running the above commands in command line, permission is denied. I should specify that the username, password, and IP address I'm using to log in are the same for the GUI and the command line. Is there a way to get the "Advanced Settings" configured in the same way while logging in via command line. I need root privileges to run certain commands via command line.