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Maybe it is better to wait 1–2 years before starting to port to x64, as devices with ARM CPUs (e.g. Snapdragon X Elite) might quickly push away devices with AMD/Intel. If this would happen your users might increasingly ask for a native ARM build, as this would run (probably noticeably) faster / more efficient.

Re: ARM builds missing

We do not have immediate plans for ARM support. The next big step is x64 support.

ARM builds missing

in this list WinSCP is missing:

ARM builds of FileZilla are already available (at least unofficially). I like WinSCP very much and I hope WinSCP won't fall behind in future as Microsoft seems now pushing Windows on ARM.

Are there any plans to offer native ARM64 builds? I think now would be a good time to make the source code adaption, as you could use AI tools like ChatGPT, which could do (more or less) the hard work for you.