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Re: WinSCP connection via .bat

Please post logs both from script and the GUI.
Adalberto Jhemes

WinSCP connection via .bat

I configured a .bat file to make a connection through a task on the server.

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP"
/log=E:\Integracoes\Monnera\Vendas\ /console /command "option batch continue" "option confirm off" "open s -privatekey=E:\MoneraKey\key-oriente-farma.ppk" "option transfer binary" "put E:\Integracoes\Monnera\Vendas\*.TXT" "exit"

However, I am receiving following error:
OpenSSH SSH-2 private key (new format)

I did the test using the key file as .ppk and without the extension too, but the error still exists, and it is valid to inform that if I use this same key file directly in the WinSCP application, that is, via the screen, it works normally.

Does anyone have an idea of ​​what this is or a possible solution?