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I had this problem with ShareFile FTPS today, too

ShareFile FTPS is supposed to let you logon with either an email address style username, or a shortened username that is mostly hex. For example:

  1. sharefile_client_name/
  2. u3f678ae36

The shortened username is simpler to deal with. No special characters. But today, in a brand new script I am writing, it won't work and I get the same error as the OP.

I switched over to the long username, #1. And this works in my script. I did use the GUI to get the remote session URL code and used that in my script.

Re: figured it out

Can you give us an example of the solution?
There's no slash missing in your open command.

figured it out

I figured it out. I found documentation on here for the creating the script in the WinSCP UI – I was missing a backslash on the open ftps command!

Thank you for this great resource!

Access Denied - Open FTPS Connection

I am able to establish a connection via the UI but having a hard time via script.

An example of the code i am using:
open ftps://

but I receive:
Connecting to

TLS connection established. Waiting for welcome message...
Access denied.
Credentials were not specified.

Any insight would be appreciated!