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Sorry, I'm not sure I understand.
Are you asking if with sftp://sessionname/remote/path, WinSCP does first look, if sessionname is a stored site – before trying to interpret it as a hostname? Yes it does.

That was it, perfect
Just for information, I have used the URL as the session name (in case someone does not have the session saved) it seems to be working as intended.
WinSCP would check the session name first before the URL?

Best Regards,

Using saved sessions for links

I am trying to solve something to ease the life of my users.
We have a SFTP server where files are saved automatically by a main server that post to a webpage links for that SFTP.

I have tried to search within the configuration but I cannot seem to find a way to use the saved sessions to authenticate against the link.
The saved sessions exists, works automatically for connection as the password is saved, however, when users click on the links, they are prompted for users and password.
Inserting the user and password in the link is obviously not possible as users have differents access rights and passwords.

What am I missing?

Thanks very much for your help