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Re: WinSCP on F5 : anyone succeeded ?

This is a choice from BIGIP company provider of F5 :
externaly authentified user are not allowed to sftp and this is not tunable.
And for security reason our company do not allowed anyone to connect with locally authentified users (if you do our internal cybersecurity authority launch an investigation against you involving you responsibility bypassing security rules. You don't want this.)

So I agree with you, this does not makes sense but fighting with company choices with feature request is a long nightmare.

I'm here to find a clever bypass if anyone found it.

Re: WinSCP on F5 : anyone succeeded ?

Why do you have SFTP disabled, if SCP is possible? It does not make sense to me.

WinSCP on F5 : anyone succeeded ?

Hi all,

I try to use winscp to do SCP tranfer with some BigIP F5.
(SFTP is impossible because it is disabled on F5 for any external authenticated users)

The problem is that when we try to download anything from the F5 Box we get this error:

SCP protocol error : Invalid control record relative addresses not allowed

F5 needs the full path of files to be used in scp commands, and it seems that WinSCP uses relative path in its scp commands.

Is there any tunning anywhere in WinSCP to get it running with F5?
As any succeeded using WinSCP with F5 last ltm version 15.x?

Thank you all!