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Thanks Martin!

Scripting issue with image files


I am using WinSCP to grab a weekly batch of images our ERP provider leaves us every week. I found a WinSCP script on YouTube which seems to be working, just need to know what to modify to make it work how i want it to work.

When I run the script, it will log into the SFTP server and download all of the images. I believe the ERP provider provides an entirely new dump of images with the same folders/filenames. When I run the script after this dump, it appears WinSCP is overwriting the images with the new ones even though they are the same images, but I believe it is redownloading them possibly due to the folders/images having a new timestamp.

What would i need to do to have WinSCP ignore the timestamp and just sync folder/filenames only?

This is what I have in the script. This is the only line I have which is relevant to the script. Anything else in the script has site/credentials.
synchronize local e:\images /images

Anything I can add to this? Thanks!