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Re: RE: Drag and drop copy

The default drag&drop operation between local and remote panels should always be Copy. No option should change it. If you ever face the problem again, please let us know.

RE: Drag and drop copy

You are correct in that I am asking about local to remote and remote to local transfers. After using WinSCP for several years I found I had lost several files because the default transfer had become MOVE rather than copy. I looked through all the "Options --Preferences" and didn't see anything I recognized as helpful. In desperation, I started checking boxes.

Whether it was this act of stupidity or something else, the default is again copy. BUT, I would like to know how this can be done/undone for future problems.

Thank you for your response

Re: Default drag and drop action.

Do you really mean dragging between local and remote panels of the same WinSCP window? Does it happen for local => remote or remote => local or both?

Default drag and drop action.

For years the default drag and drop action between commander windows has bee copy. Suddenly, it is using MOVE. How do i get copy back as default?