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Re: Code page error or WinSCP bug?

With SCP protocol, WinSCP requires the server to use UTF-8 encoding. It's pretty much standard for 20 years by now.
If you cannot switch to UTF-8 (why?), the try using SFTP protocol instead.

Code page error or WinSCP bug?

Hello everyone...

I'm from Brazil and I need help with WinSCP, maybe I'm reporting a bug, but I don't know for sure...

I have a router mounted on a tinypc running OpenWrt. It has a reduced version of Samba4 working very well on my network...

I have an external HD plugged into this router and I share my files with my family via the network, using Samba4...

The problem is that here in Brazil, we use accentuation in some words, such as "técnico", "mãe", Música, etc... When copying these files to the HD, in Windows Explorer the files are shown correctly, if I give a ls -lh /mnt/sda1 directly on the tinypc is also shown correctly, but if I open the same location (/mnt/sda1) through WinSCP, the accented characters are truncated...

My Samba is configured like this:
dos charset = cp866

unix charset = UTF8
mangled names = no

I noticed that WinSCP has code configuration, but only for UTF-8 or 1252 in the internal editor...

This has caused me a lot of problems and confusion...

I'll attach some prints about the problem, anda I'm using the last version of WinSCP, 6.3.3.

Can you help me? Thanks!